Aetherium Mors Split CD with West Virginia, US Death Metal band Infirmary now available!

US residents can purchase here - Eihwaz Recordings Webstore

UK and European residents can purchase from Aetherium Mors' Bandcamp site.

Aetherium Mors Entrails of the Soul
"... they owe just as much to Dissection as they do Death, borrowing elements from each to cull up a rage that’s equally footed in the speed of the sound and the lyrics that gnash their way through it" - Steel for Brains
"The band’s flailing tremolo and blast-beat attack is counterbalanced by ominous, serpentine melodies ... vocals are utterly caustic, blasphemous, and scathing, yet there is an undeniable sophistication in the songwriting and the instrumental performances" - No Clean Singing

Infirmary Suffering For Eternity
"... gravel-throated death metal black enough to just singe the battering ram onslaught of its sound" - Steel for Brains
"... pummels and crushes with aplomb, frequently shifting rhythms and picking styles, from grinding tremolo riffs to galvanizing heavy chugs, from a ripping attack to slow, methodical hammering" - No Clean Singing
"... surprisingly catchy and memorable death metal, with some excellent guitar melodies, complemented by vocals you can actually understand" - A Metal Education