Reviews of 'Entrails Of The Soul' EP (Released as a Split CD by Eihwaz Recordings on 15/5/2014)

Terrorizer Magazine (UK) -

"Masters of occult black metal... ones to watch in the UKBM pile"

Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK) -

No Clean Singing (US)

"... utterly caustic, blasphemous, and scathing, yet there is an undeniable sophistication in the songwriting and the instrumental performances that moves the music beyond the realm of the purely bestial..."

Wormgear Zine (US)

"This band has returned re-energized, revitalized, and ready to conquer, and have proven that melodic death metal sounds can coexist with atonal, modern blackened death riffery and have a repeated-listen result"

Black Metal and Brews (US)

"This slick beast fits nicely alongside some of the genre's larger names with its clear production only allowing you to see the glisten of every single fang in the rabid mouth of this band."


Behind The Veil (GR) (2013)

The Core Of Brutality (UK) (2013)

Reviews of 'Drenched In Victorious Blood'

OneMetal.com (UK)

"A triumph of well-composed, tightly-performed melodic blackened death metal. Highly recommended" (4.5/5)

Anothermetalreviewblog.com (UK)

"Drenched In Victorious Blood comes fast, hits hard, and keeps the listener’s attention with subtle melody and songwriting that does not repeat itself anymore than is necessary" (8/10)

Behind The Veil (GR)

"if you are looking for quality old school blackened death metal and if you like extreme music with diversity then this British duo should be in your “to check” list" (8/10)

Zombie Ritual Webzine (MEX)

"This is just the beginning of something bigger as fucking hell. Ultra recommended!!"

Misantropia Extrema (PT)

Dissecting The Euphony (MY)

The Autistic Metalhead (UK)

"It's a perfect fusion of viciousness and melody with some awesome solos."

Metal Fixation (US)